Teepee Creek Museum


The Teepee Creek Museum, located near Grande Prairie in the southern part of the Peace River Country of NW Alberta, is a relatively new community museum in an agricultural area.  Aside from the normal activities of a public museum, it wants to exist on its own green energy by producing at least 95% of the energy it consumes, and to serve as an educational example for proponents of renewable energy.

We have some pioneer homes and a church, (all still being restored in various degrees), in addition to a new fire-hall for the community’s first fire-truck.  We have a wide variety of artifacts, and are in the process of creating displays with them.

The museum provides the only local venue for cultural and historical classes and other programs, aimed primarily at adults.  Art and craft programs have been offered, a portrait gallery created, and a book-exchange facility provided.  These, along with an intensive communications programs where it publishes a community newsletter containing submissions by any local group  (4-H club, Volunteer Fire Department, Stampede Association) free of charge.  All such efforts will hopefully improve our isolated community for its inhabitants.


Teepee Creek Museum,
Box 40, Site 1, RR#2,
AB, T0H 3C0

Ph. 780-518-5071
Fax 780-568-2926
E-mail  tcmuseum@gpnet.ca