About Us

About the “Spirit of the Peace: Museums Network”

The Spirit of the Peace: Museums Network is 24 years old, in 2013, and have served a very unique purpose of drawing a whole region’s museum together in the Peace Country.

Our geographic area has a ‘strong sense of belonging’ to the Peace Country.  We have displayed this ‘oneness’ in our collaborative projects: quarterly meetings and newsletters, brochures, displays, a quilt, a video “Discover the Spirit of the Peace”, a display on “Treaty #8”, and historic study titled “Sense of the Peace”.


“The Sense of the Peace”  – Regional History & Museums Study

In 1995 the Spirit of the Peace: Museums Network, with funding from the Alberta Museums .Association. Regional Museums Grant, hired consultant and historian Roberta Hursey to do a study of the history of the ‘whole’ Peace River Country (B.C. & Alberta).  The study was completed in 1996, and consisted of three chapters: The Sense of the Land, The Sense of the People, and The Sense of Communities and Museums.

This study has been used extensively by some of our museums, as a good reference, especially the ‘Chronology’ of each community/museum site.  The study has not been published but the network is working towards having it published in the spring of 2014.  The museum sites in this study, are the same museums that are featured in this new website.

If you want an in-depth visit into our history, our beautiful lands, and our people, watch for this new publication.