Musee Girouxville Museum

Synopsis & Main Exhibits

With Father Clément Desrochers O.M.I.’s dedication and hard work, situated on main street in the Village of Girouxville on Secondary Highway 744, is one of the most memorable museums in northern Alberta.

The museum opened its doors in 1969 displaying over 6,000 artifacts depicting the history of pioneers and missionaries settling in the Smoky River Region.  The collection includes natural history, transportation, communications, education, photography, fur trade, hunting and trapping and much, much more.  The Musée Girouxville Museum is often remembered for : the Five Legged Squirrel trapped east of Peace River and the Autobaggan –early model used in NWT weighing 1200 lbs and 12 ft in length purchased for $ 999.50.

Also on premises is our newest “Auto Building” housing a variety of antique machinery: 1954 fire truck, first fire extinguisher -1952, Studebaker Commander, first ambulance – Oldsmobile 98 (1974), wagons and much more on display for your viewing pleasure for every generation and sure to fascinate you.

Strong community spirit, tradition and friendly faces is what makes Girouxville an attractive place to visit. Bienvenue! Nous sommes très content de vous voir.


Our museum has a wheel chair accessible full front entrance and gift shop.

Hours of operation 10 am to 5 pm  May - August.

With prior arrangements, tours may be offered during off season.
We recommend a minimum of two hours for viewing and bilingual services available.

Admission charged.

Phone: 780-323-4252