High Prairie & District Museum

Museum Synopsis

The High Prairie & District Museum will be the premier centre in the community to celebrate history art and culture. We will foster community engagement and be a catalyst for supporting, developing and sustaining community values, social responsibility and environmental awareness.


Synopsis & Main Exhibits

The High Prairie & District Museum tells the stories of High Prairie and area.   This district consists of the actual town site of High Prairie, the Treaty 8 Nations of Sucker Creek, Driftpile, Utikuma, Kapawe’no, Pakashan and Swan River as well as the East Prairie, Peavine and Gift Lake Metis Settlements.    European ethnic groups in the area include people of British, Irish, Scottish, German, Ukrainian, Polish, Scandinavian, and French and Canadian ancestry.

In 2010 the Board and Manager decided it was time to revise and renew the Museum.  Exhibits were completely overhauled; using imagination and recycling old cabinets; a walk in cave and a huge beaver house was added. A vibrant mural of a mammoth hunt towers over the fossil exhibit and dinosaur tracks “run” along the floor.

The main stories told at the Museum are the First Nation and Metis history, Pioneers, Fur Trade, Archaeological, paleontological and early natural history, Pioneer Kitchen, NWMP and RCMP and the two world wars.  Of particular significance is the “Keay Sword” found in 1921 by Sadie Keay, while she was out plowing.  Research indicates that the sword is approximately 250 years old.   The Burley collection is another signature collection of the Museums; with chert blades over 9000 years old.  This collection is of particular importance as it was discovered locally.

The Museum features many travelling exhibits and hosts many local art shows.  It has become a cultural mecca within the town of High Prairie and area.

The Museum values social and environmental responsibility and works to reflect those values in its programing and exhibits.

In 2013 the Museum was proud to have its Recognized Museum Status renewed by the Alberta Museums Association.  The Museum works hard to stay relevant to the community and explores many ways to be sustainable.


5301 - 49th Street
High Prairie, Alberta

Hours & Admission
May – August:
Monday – Saturday
10:00 - 5:00

September – April:
Wednesday – Friday
10:00 - 5:00

Wheel chair accessible

Admission $2.00

Box 1442
High Prairie, Alberta
T0G 1E0

Phone: 780.523.2601
Fax: 780.523.2633
Email: highprairiemuseum@hotmail.ca
Website: www.highprairiemuseum.com