Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark

Museum Mission

Our mission is to highlight the amazing beauty of the region; to honor and record the human history of the area; to find, identify, preserve, interpret and display the internationally significant palaeontological record and the geographic features of the region; and to contribute to the opportunities for economic diversification in the region.

Museum Description

The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF) is located at 255 Murray Drive in Tumbler Ridge.  It houses the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Center (PRPRC) and the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery.  As well, it serves as headquarters for the newly approved Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark.  Auxiliary facilities are located in downtown Tumbler Ridge and include:

  • the historical railway display (the first industrial electrified rail system in Canada) in a surplus BC Rail caboose,
  • several photographic and interactive displays in the Community Center


  • the natural beauty of the area,
  • First Nations and archaeology displays,
  • the human history of the Tumbler Ridge area, with an emphasis on the Monkman Trail, the coal industry and its link to the development of Tumbler Ridge,
  • a Sports Hall of Fame honoring local athletes of note,
  • a display explaining the importance of the Tumbler Ridge area as a birding center, with particular emphasis on studies of the local boundary where Eastern and Western Winter Wrens meet but maintain their genetic diversity.

The PRPRC is the only repository institution in the Province of British Columbia for the research of vertebrate palaeontological discoveries and has the province’s only two vertebrate palaeontologists on staff. Recently, the Museum Board and staff, in cooperation with other local volunteer agencies, successfully spearheaded the acquisition of the second UNESCO sponsored Global Geopark designation in North America. We provide educational programming, tours and public displays related to the palaeontological discoveries (trackways, bone deposits, marine fossils, and prehistoric bird tracks). Our significant local finds include the first tyrannosaur trackways in the world, the largest ichtyosaur (marine reptile) skeleton in the world, a new family, genus and species  of coelacanth ( a fish thought to be extinct for 65 million years until a live one was discovered off the coast of South Africa in the 1930s), and multiple examples of dinosaur and bird trackways, together with many other BC firsts in the field. We are expanding our educational programming to assist local businesses in taking advantage of the business opportunities provided by the Global Geopark designation.

Museum hours

Summer Hours:
May to September (may be extended depending on circumstances) - 7 days per week - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Winter Hours:
October to April - Thursday to Monday - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Museum Location 

Headquartered in the old Claude Galibois Elementary School at 225 Murray Drive, Tumbler Ridge, BC.


Contact Information 

Mailing Address: Box 1540, Tumbler Ridge, B.C. V0C 2W0

Museum Phone: 250-242- 3466