Native Cultural Arts Museum

We’re Relocating!

We are excited to announce that we are relocating from our current facility into the main building at Northern Lakes College’s Grouard Campus. We are temporarily closed until further notice as we design our new gallery spaces.

Highlights of the Relocation

  • A new UV window filtration system protecting our collection in our new gallery and new storage spaces.
  • Improved environmental controls protecting the Museum’s collections.
  • Improved accessibility for our visitors with special needs.
  • A gallery with environmental and museum friendly lighting.
  • A new Indigenous Cultural Centre.


Where will the new location of the Museum be?
The Museum will be moving from the Moosehorn Lodge facility into Northern Lakes College’s main building at the Grouard Campus. Our new address will be 64 Mission St. Grouard Alberta, T0G 1C0.

When are you moving?
Our move is currently in progress. Moving museum collections is a large undertaking. Behind the scenes we are working hard to bring you new exhibits, to meet museum standards in our collections rooms, to provide innovative programming spaces, and more.

Will you still have the same school and summer programs?
Yes, we will continue all of our programs in our new space. Our summer events and programs are in full operation at our current facility (the Moosehorn Lodge) for the summer of 2016.

Why are you moving from the existing location?
From a curator’s perspective, safeguarding our collection is one of our most important jobs. Moving will help us to better preserve our collection and meet recommended standards for collection care.


The Native Cultural Arts Museum provides quality learning experiences to the public by respectfully portraying the history, cultures and languages of northern Alberta.

The Native Cultural Arts Museum is a part of Northern Lakes College and is located in Grouard, Alberta. The museum was established in 1976 in tandem with the College’s former Aboriginal Arts & Design program. Today, the Museum collection celebrates various aspects of Aboriginal cultures, with a special focus on Métis and Cree peoples of northern Alberta. The Museum’s historical and contemporary collections serve to educate the public by respectfully portraying Aboriginal lifestyles through exhibits of art, music, hunting, regalia, clothing, and more.


Interpretive Tours

Interpretive guided tours of both the Museum and the St. Bernard’s Mission are offered year-round. Please call the Museum to make a reservation and to ensure that we can accommodate your tour needs.


Educational Programming

Educational programming is an integral part of our Museum’s Mission and operational objectives. At the Museum, we strive to create innovative programs for student groups of all ages that demonstrate a respect for cultural awareness and diversity. Our programming is developed to enhance Alberta Education’s Social Studies Curriculum.

Educational Programs Include:
– Interpretive tours with hands-on artifacts
– Outreach programming – presentations on topics related to the Museum’s collection
– Information booths or small educational exhibits

Spring and summer
– Drop-in art and craft programming – July and August
– Story time with hands-on artifacts – May to August
– Historical Village field trips – May and June


Educational Field Trips at the Historical Village

Each year, the Museum’s outdoor Historical Village is erected in May and June for educational field trips. At the Historical Village, students of all ages can experience life in the late 1800’s through hands-on learning and interpretive tours. Our costumed interpreters guide students through various activities throughout the Historical Village, which is made up of four tipis and two canvas tents.

Students who have visited the Historical Village have had the opportunity to cook bannock over an open fire, play traditional hand games, become traders at the Hudson Bay Company, dress as pioneers, and erect a canvas tipi.

The Historical Village programming is only available in May and June by reservation. Please contact us for further information or to book your group.
Please note the Historical Village is not wheelchair accessible.



St. Bernard’s Mission
Together, the St. Bernard’s Roman Catholic Church and the adjacent cemetery are known as the St. Bernard’s Mission. The St. Bernard’s Mission has been officially designated as a Provincial Historic site in Alberta. This beautiful church was constructed for Bishop Emile Grouard and completed in 1902. Bishop Grouard was a reputable artist and in the St. Bernard Church, his paintings are adorned on the wall behind the altar. In the cemetery adjacent to the church, visitors will locate the tombstones of Roman Catholic Bishops of the St. Bernard Mission – including Bishop Grouard – and brothers and nuns who contributed to the establishment of religious importance in the region.
Today, the St. Bernard Church remains to be an important and operational church within the community of Grouard. As a friend of the Museum, the St. Bernard Church graciously allows the Museum to offer visitors interpretive tours of this site. We kindly remind all of our visitors that as the church remains operational, interpretive tours of the St. Bernard’s Mission cannot be guaranteed by the Museum.




The Native Cultural Arts Museum is operated by the Council of Community Education Committees of Northern Lakes College, with additional support and funding from the Alberta Museums Association, and the Municipal District of Big Lakes. Our student work opportunities are funded with support from Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ), Young Canada Works (YCW) and the Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP).

Contact Us
Address: 64 Mission Street, Grouard, Alberta
Ph: (780) 751-3306
Fax: (780) 751-3380