91. Military uniforms

91 - uniform


Pouce Coupe Museum

There were many men who answered the call to arms for both the First and Second World Wars in the Peace Country. While some men never made it home, many returned to the Peace Country to start, or take up their abandoned farms after the wars. Therefore, the post war periods marked increased settlement, migration and prosperity in the Peace Country. The Pouce Coupe Museum is one of several museums in the Spirit of the Peace Museums Network that has a fine collection of military uniforms in their permanent collection. All those at the Pouce Coupe Museum were donated by veterans from the surrounding area. The museum also has a wall of pictures of veterans. Some of the veterans that were killed in action had geographical features in Tumbler Ridge named after them: Mount Becker, Bergeron Falls, Mount Bergeron, Bulley Creek, and several others. To learn more about these places and their namesake, visit the museum.