7. Will of John Davis

07 - 1820 Will of John Davis


South Peace Regional Archives

John Davis, born in London, England, came to Canada with the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1801. He married a Metis woman identified only as Nancy/Anne, and had six children between the years of 1812 and 1824. In 1820 Davis prepared this will, making it clear that he was concerned about the welfare of his wife and children. The codicil reads: “Codicile to my will made in the summer of the year eighteen hundred and twenty… I now appoint Thomas Vincent Esquire Chief Factor to the Hudson’s Bay Company a joint executor to my last Will jointly with my brother William and my sister Nancy Davis. I am induced to add this codicil to my Will on reflecting on the uncertainty of life and the situation I leave my dear wife and the children…. my mind will then be relieved from a load of anxiety as my highly esteemed friend is one to whom I can look up with confidence…”