55. Letter from Charlie Chaplin

55 - letter from Charlie


Battle River Pioneer Museum

Minnie Evelyn Whidden was born December 2, 1898 in Crowe’s Mills, Nova Scotia. She was one of at least nine children born to her parents J. & Hattie Whidden. Four of her brothers moved to the Peace River country in the late 1920s settling on farms in the Manning area. Minnie worked as a school teacher on the east coast before being persuaded to move to the home of her brother Percy near Manning. His wife, Margaret Frith died in 1948 leaving Percy with a three-year-old son to raise. Minnie joined her brother in September 1948, and brought with her their youngest brother Murray, nephew Lester Clarke, and niece Beryl Clarke. She lived the remainder of her days in the Peace Country. She wrote this letter to Charlie Chaplin when she was nineteen – perhaps she had a bit of a crush on the young actor. Whatever the case, it was deemed important enough for her to bring 5,300 km to her new home.