48. Water tank

48 - tank at Nampa


Nampa and District Museum

This tank was purchased in 1916 from Chicago, IL by the E.D. & B.C. Railway, which later became the NAR. The tank holds 50,000 gallons of water and stands approx. 40ft tall and was used to fill the steam engines of trains passing through the area. To fill the tank, water was pumped from the Heart River. The advent of diesel locomotives meant the tank was no longer needed. I961, the tank was purchased by a local farmer then, in 1965 it was moved and cut apart. In 2012, the Nampa and District Historical Society decided to purchase the tank, restore it, and make it a focal point for the museum. Nampa was called “The Tank” until 1961 when the Postal Department pressured for a proper name to be chosen. (126/150)