47. Railroad plow

47 - railroad plow


North Peace Agricultural Museum

The Edmonton, Dunvegan & British Columbia Railway or the E.D. & B.C. railway was re-charted in 1911, with construction starting from Edmonton in 1912. By 1915, the railway had reached Spirit River on the southern branch, and the Heart River at the edge of Peace River town on the northern branch. By 1919, the Peace River had been crossed by the “Million Dollar Bridge” (still used by rail traffic today) and expanded westward, although at a slower pace. By 1928, the E.D. & B.C. had run out of money, and the lines terminated at Hines Creek and Beaverlodge. Cecil McKenzie, who traveled with the railroad crew butchering pigs, purchased the plow after the end of steel was completed at Hines Creek.