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Musee Girouxville Museum

In 1900, Father Lemieux purchased land for the Peace River Colonization Company, to create a Roman Catholic colony in the Peace River Country. This initial effort failed to attract the desired number of settlers, however, in June 1912, efforts by Father Giroux and Father Falher were more successful. That month, 24 homesteads were established and became the core of the Francophone Catholic colony around today’s Girxouville, Falher, Donnelly, and McLennan. These resettlement efforts were supported by the Church and state as a means of keeping Canadian populations stable, otherwise these settlers would have relocated to the United States. The establishment of a francophone population extended the powers of the French Canadians and the Church into Western Canada. The Eucharist, or communion wafer, is an integral part of the Mass in Roman Catholicism. Everyone in the congregations received a wafer on dedicated holy days, and weekly after 1905. This press, likely used at the Cathedral in McLennan, produced those wafers.