20. Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP) badge

20 - NWMP badge on white

ca. 1898-1904

A detachment of the Royal North West Mounted Police was established at Peace River Crossing in 1898 in response to the increase in traffic heading north by prospectors on one of the all-Canadian routes to the Klondike. The RNWMP covered all the area west of Peace River right into the Peace Region of what is now British Columbia. This badge is from the North West Mounted Police which existed from 1873 to 1904. All the badges had a spelling mistake on them (Mainen instead of Mainens). It may have been a helmet plate or a martingale worn on a horse’s bridal. It is about 5” (12.5cm) tall by 3.5” (9 cm) wide. The crown on top is Victorian.