16. Factor’s desk

16 - factor_s desk


Historic Dunvegan Provincial Park

This desk belonged to Albert Tate, the officer in charge of Fort Dunvegan between 1892 and 1898. He, along with his wife Sarah and their five children, made the Factor’s House their home during what Sarah Tate would later describe as the happiest years of her life. Albert remained an avid bookworm throughout his life, and his creativity with the written word can be seen throughout his official post records and personal correspondence. He would have spent many cold winter evenings sitting at his desk near the wood stove recording the events of the day, while his wife worked on her own projects, and his children slept in the other room. Much of the history we know about the Tate family and fort life comes from records that may have been recorded on this very desk. It was donated to the site by Albert and Sarah’s granddaughter.