15. Christening gown


15 - christening gown

ca. 1890-1912

Peace River Museum and Archives

This christening gown belonged to the family of Kennedy and Ida (Jones) Creighton, pioneers of the Dixonville area. The couple were married 31 Dec 1890, and had seven children on their farm near Dorchester, Ontario. The family moved west in 1912 to a farm near Red Willow, in Central Alberta. After a visit to the Peace Country in 1931, Kennedy, then seventy years of age, moved his family north to Dixonville, homesteading on the SE-34-87-24-W5. The christening gown, it is believed, was worn by all seven of their children, and even though all their children had been born by the time they moved west, it demonstrated the importance the family placed on this Christian milestone, bringing it with them from Ontario in the hopes that their children may use it.