142. ‘Across the Smoky’ quilt

142 - across smoky quilt


DeBolt & District Pioneer Museum

Heritage Day is an annual event held in August at the DeBolt Museum. In 1997, for the 20th anniversary of Heritage Day, the Heritage Quilt was made; a special tribute to our pioneer heritage celebrate. Each embroidered square is a picture taken from our first local history book, “Across the Smoky”. The name of the book and the quilt are pivotal to the stories from the homestead times. The great effort it took to get ‘Across the Smoky’ was in everyone’s story. The pictures were put on cloth squares, embroidered, and then the quilt was sown together. This quilt is our signature piece, lovingly produced, and exhibited each year at our Heritage Festival and Fair.  A hand-made quilt continues to be raffled every year.