128. Cree calendar

128 - 1972 Cree Calendar


Grande Cache Tourism and Interpretive Centre

On the calendar, the weekdays are indicated by four long lines, with a combination medium and short line for Friday, followed by another long line for Saturday and an X to indicate Sunday. In the Cree tradition, the calendar revolves around nature. Each month is designated by the weather, the season, or the behavior of the birds, mammals and reptiles.  There are different ways to interpret the Cree calendar. An influencing factor may be that as the seasons may change at different times, thus affecting the Moons, depending on the region. One interpretation is as follows: January-The Great Moon, February-The Eagle Moon, March-The Geese Moon, April-The Frog Moon, May-The Leaf Budding Moon, June-The Egg Hatching Moon, July-The Moulting Moon, August-The Flying Moon, September-The Rutting Moon, October-The Migrating Moon, November-The Foggy Moon, and December-The Frost Exploding Moon.