12. Moose hide cushion cover

12 - cushion cover

ca. 1880s

Fort Vermilion Heritage Centre

Francoise La Fleur Moberly made and beaded this cushion cover c. 1880. Little is known about Francoise, other than she was a very good seamstress. She may have been related to the LaFleur family; they settled in Fort Vermilion and worked with the Hudson’s Bay Company. Her husband, Henry John Moberly, was born at Penetanguishene, ON. He began working for the HBC in 1854, travelling and working largely in the Peace Country. He lived on the shores of the lake that now bears his name from 1865 to 1868. Moberly became factor of Fort Vermilion around 1876. After nearly 40 years of service, he retired in Saskatchewan in 1894.