114. Dr. Hollies’ office sign

114 - dr. hollies sign


Pouce Coupe Museum

This sign was painted by T.S. (Syd) Hewitt, and hung in 1951, on the door of Dr. Hollies’ office. The museum has one room that displays Dr. Hollies’ donations. Edward Hollies was born in 1899. He came to Pouce Coupe in 1936 to replace Dr. W.A. Watson. Dr. Hollies travelled all over the country, using all modes of transportation. He delivered over 3000 babies. Dr. Hollies still found time to participate in the affairs of Pouce Coupe. He was on the hospital board and served as a village councilman and mayor for 15 consecutive years. Dr. Hollies is a prime example of the Peace Country doctor: hard working, devoted to patients, and involved in the community. His story is echoed by other doctors in museums across the region.